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Full-fledged Country Projects

Strengthening Institutional Capacity for SDGs Achievement in Bangladesh (SC4SAB) umbrella project

Enhancing the capacity of government officials to integrate poverty environment climate (in terms of SDGs 1, 13, 14 and 15) into planning and budgeting, help make economic growth more environmentally sustainable; and help create new partnerships which ‘leave no one behind’.

Improving Quality Investment for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Lao PDR

Strengthen government’s regulatory capacity to coordinate and promote higher-quality investment; and improve ease of doing business, transparency, accountability and effectiveness of investment management for achieving the SDGs. Help government address and remove the investment regulatory and business barriers which currently hinder development of a healthy, vibrant, competitive business environment; while regulating compliance and obligation of investment projects to create more jobs for local people and build skills of national staff.

Poverty-Environment Action for the SDGs

Jointly implemented with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and UN Women. Focuses on poverty-environment mainstreaming in broader national and sector policy and budget processes. Promotes climate-resilient and gender-responsive agriculture by influencing agricultural investments.

Project d’appui a la mise en oeuvre et au suivi des objectifs Pauvreté / Environement de la SCAPP et des politiques sectorielles en relation avec les ODD en Mauritanie

Support implementation and monitoring of poverty-environment objectives in the national development plan and sectoral policies as a contribution to achievement of the SDGs.

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources for Resilient and Equitable Development (SUNRED II)

Influence climate and environmental budgeting and expenditures across sectors and strengthen management of natural resource revenues to optimize revenue collection and benefit-sharing mechanisms with vulnerable groups to promote environmental sustainability.

Governance for Resilience and Sustainability Project

Embedded in UNDP Myanmar Country Office’s Governance for Resilience and Sustainability Project (2018–2022). Aims to promote (i) mainstreaming of environment and poverty considerations into investment and management systems, (ii) mobilization of green investments in environmental goods and services, and (iii) improved organizational performance by lead agencies responsible for environmental management and climate change.

Accelerating implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal

Enabling environment and capacity development to mitigate SDG financing gap as well as through accelerated implementation. Outcomes include (i) planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting systems at all levels of government are SDG responsive and functional; and (ii) resilient and innovative financing available for SDG implementation.

Poverty-Environment Action for the SDGs

Direct private and public investments towards poverty-environment action by influencing investment incentive structures and guidelines and build capacity for the use of mainstreaming tools, including multidimensional poverty assessments which include an environmental sustainability perspective, in planning and budget processes.